Poor Pumpkins!

If you’re in Scotland (or anywhere?) you may have noticed that Halloween seems to get bigger every year. More costumes appear in the shops, more spooky movies are released, more parties are thrown, and more pumpkins pop up in supermarkets to tempt us into hours of trying to carve the best scary face without slicing … Continue reading

Creative cooking with winter veg

We may be seeing signs of Spring, outdoors and in stores, but the majority of seasonal farm shop veg is still rooted (ha, see what I did there??) in winter. It’s so easy to get stuck in the same old, same old supermarket sweep of veg which we generally boil, or sometimes roast, if we’re … Continue reading

Thyme roasted root vegetables

This is probably the most common way for us to eat winter (and summer) veg. I tend to make a big batch of it whenever I cook it, and use the leftovers added to salads each day for a bit of different texture and flavour, or just as another dinner side the following nights. If … Continue reading

Spiced cauliflower rice

Cauliflower rice is something else that’s become a regular feature in our house. Sometimes just plain with a curry, or just a sprinkling of coriander. Other times with a bit more pzazz, often with meat or fish added to make a meal in a bowl. This version can be used as a side to a … Continue reading

Shredded brussel sprouts with leek and bacon

Another winter warmer with the benefit of bacon! There’s a theme here. It makes vegetables and taste-buds happy. This is a dish that could sway the brussel-haters among you. My fella doesn’t like brussels, at least not the old-fashioned boiled variety, forced upon us on Christmas Day. It’s perhaps a childhood thing. However, he does … Continue reading

Root vegetable mash

Since discovering a nightshade sensitivity, I’ve used this a lot as a tattie mash replacement. It’s sweeter, more filling and more nutritious, but goes with all the same things. Try it with my roast chicken. Very simple to make and it freezes well in batches, plus it lasts in the fridge for a good few … Continue reading

Braised cabbage with bacon

Cabbage and leeks are amongst the plentiful winter vegetables in Scotland and it comes in so many varieties. I love red cabbage too, particularly raw in a slaw, but for this I’ve gone with savoy. It’s a well known fact that bacon, particularly smoky bacon, makes everything taste good and a little goes a long … Continue reading

Sesame carrot noodle salad

Yes, salads are possible in winter using local vegetables. But you might need a spiraliser! Carrots are a Scottish staple, which these days you can get most of the year. But they are certainly plentiful in winter. Such a versatile vegetable, used in soups and stews, as well as being beautiful roasted, and a base … Continue reading

How to make Christmas Day fun and healthy!

It is possible to enjoy the traditional foods you love on Christmas Day and stay within your own healthy┬ácomfort zone. So I’m sharing my tips and swaps on keeping it nutritious and nourishing with links to recipes I know and trust. It’ll come as no surprise that cooking from scratch is what it’s about, although … Continue reading