How to make Christmas Day fun and healthy!

It is possible to enjoy the traditional foods you love on Christmas Day and stay within your own healthy comfort zone. So I’m sharing my tips and swaps on keeping it nutritious and nourishing with links to recipes I know and trust. It’ll come as no surprise that cooking from scratch is what it’s about, although … Continue reading

Chorizo egg muffins

It really is about time I shared a new recipe!! These are super simple and quick to make and they make great breakfast, lunch or snacks on the go. Can be eaten cold or reheated, and just about any flavour combination you fancy could work. Here’s what I went with after picking up some beautiful … Continue reading

Six months out

The end of October brought our summer of adventure to a close. Our temporary ‘for fun’ jobs ended, we moved out of the summer rental and into a slightly more permanent abode. It feels like the real world has dragged us back in. I’ve been thinking a lot about the enormity and impact of the … Continue reading

Sweet potato and bacon fritters

Bit of an unplanned brunch this morning. Looked in the fridge, picked out what was there, and this happened!! These are simple, yummy and the perfect thing for a weekend treat which will keep you full for a while 🙂 Ingredients (makes 2): 1 cup grated sweet potato 1 shallot – finely chopped 2 slices … Continue reading

Maintaining yourself

How well do you look after your car? Well, the law in the UK at least, states that you must obtain an annual MOT certificate, to prove your car is road-worthy. You’ll also get regular services, every 6-12 months. On top of that, it’s likely that you get it looked at whenever you hear an … Continue reading

Our first paleo pop up restaurant!

A few weeks ago I held what I believe was Scotland’s first paleo pop up! It was definitely Dundee’s first. I wanted to share my experience in planning and preparing for the event, and how it went on the night 🙂 I’ve thought for a long while that a pop up would be a great … Continue reading