St Andrews 10km race series

I was a bit apprehensive about this 10km race today as I haven’t been training much in the last few weeks. But the sunshine and thought of the fresh air at the beach had me raring to go!

A great pre race or run breakfast is paleo pancakes. I adapted this recipe from The Paleo Mom (thanks!). I use more ripened plantains which make the pancakes taste a little lighter. It’s possibly our favourite weekend brekkie! As I’m on a Whole 30 at the moment we gave the honey a miss, and I didn’t really notice the difference. It’s not like we ever drown it in honey anyway.

It as a beautiful day in St Andrews. Spring has alluded us so far this year, and while it was still pretty chilly, the sunshine made it feel warmer. Running on the beach can be pretty tough on the old legs, so thankfully just a couple of miles were on the sand and the rest was on tarmac. The Fella is always so fab. Not a runner himself but willingly and supportively comes along to send me off at the start and pick me up at the finish. At least in St Andrews he wouldn’t be bored. I have found him in the past shivering whilst hugging a cup of coffee at the end.

The race went pretty well. I’m certainly no sprinter! And tend to be at the back of the pack, which is fine with me. Today I was hoping to run sub-10 minute miles the whole way, which my Runkeeper app told me I did, but the clock at the end of the race didn’t! Boooo! Anyway, I like to believe I did it and my app tells me my average pace was 9:40 per mile. Happy with that!


I snacked on nuts and dates on the way home… Not technically Whole 30, but necessary when I knew I wouldn’t get lunch for at least an hour post-race. A mahoosive salad was the order of the day when we got home! Refuelling 🙂 See the salad ingredients here.



One thought on “St Andrews 10km race series

  1. Loving seeing the pic of you on the West Sands – my old stomping ground. Salad looks yummy! Better than KFC as a post-run carbo-reload which is MY fella’s personal favourite! No sooner had we finished the Bath Half, when he skulked of on the pretence of putting more money on the parking meter. I received a text saying: ‘Sorry honey I took a wrong turn and am now having a brief lunch with the Colonel!Back soon!’

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