Waiting for Spring…

Spring is taking its time in our neck of the woods. Wayyyyy too long if you ask me. The daffodils, which usually start to flower in February, still haven’t quite popped through yet, and they’re my favourite sign of Spring. I did see some almost there today, but not quite, so that means I’ve still got my winter cooking hat on and today was a soup day. I tried really hard to embrace the first signs of Spring (it’s 13 April people!!!!) with slightly less layers of clothing, but all that happened was I felt bloody freezing. I seem to never learn this… and I have been on this planet for over 36 years. The Fella despairs and has been known to send me back in to the bedroom shaking his head and pointing to some cosier garment. The home made ham and mushroom soup, therefore, was welcome warmth when I returned home!  So good I will probably have to carry on making it throughout the summer, if we ever get one…

Bring on the daffodils!!!!

Tour+Scotland+Photograph+Daffodils+Pittenweem+East+Neuk+Of+Fife+March+18th+02.jpg (1600×1170)


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