My fascination with food and weight shows

Hi. My name is Shona, and I’m a food-show-aholic. And not just programs about food, ones about weight, and other peoples’ obsession with their weight too.

I’m not sure what it is about them that I find so fascinating. One thing I do know about food shows is obvious, given that I’m so passionate about food, and Jamie Oliver remains my favourite. I love his zest for food, health and ethically sourced produce. He manages to demonstrate his passion without being pretentious and I never tire of watching his shows. There are times when his endless ‘oh my lordy lord!’ comments start to grate on me, but he still manages to draw me in with his innovative concoctions, and appeal to the  masses at the same time. Clearly I have to try to paleo-ise wherever I can, but that’s half the fun!

Someone I like less… Nigella. I mean, really love, is it necessary to raid the fridge every night wearing your skimpiest satin nightdress?? And if you did just get out of bed to do so, why are you wearing a full face of make-up and have perfectly coiffed hair? It’s too much about her and not about the food for me. Stop having sex with the food and just cook it woman!

The other side of the TV show fascination is really about peoples’ relationship with food, probably because I am ever fascinated with my own. Channel 4 seem to do a good truckload of these each year. My current guilty ‘pleasure’ is Secret Eaters (the Fella is not a fan of such trash! So I tend to watch them on catch up when he’s not home :)). The premise of the show is that two people who feel they are a little over-weight ask for help as to why they can’t seem to lose weight, and undercover ‘agents’ watch their every move for a week through cameras hidden all over their lives.

Every episode amazes me. I can never understand why these people don’t get it. There’s always tons of footage showing them grabbing food here, there and everywhere, of course – that’s what makes it a show. But I can’t help but wonder if some of it is set up, or at least exaggerated. Surely they must know that they had a Mars Bar for breakfast this morning in the car on the way to work, followed by a cup of tea with 3 sugars and 3 chocolate biscuits on arrival at the office? And why would anyone want to play out their lives like that on television in full view of millions of people? Maybe it’s 15 minutes of fame.

Like I said, I find it fascinating… and perhaps I over-think it! But I’m already looking forward to the next one 🙂


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