What the World Eats

A great piece in the Huffington Post today caught my interest. ‘What the World Eats’ covers a piece from Time magazine looking at the food consumption of families from different countries including how much they spent.

Read the full article here.

Most of it wasn’t too surprising. As you would guess UK and US diets don’t look great, and a few others aren’t far behind. The vibrant colours of those who include a lot of fruit and vegetables in their diet just look so much more appealing than cardboard boxes full of processed rubbish and bottles of fizzy drinks.

For me there was a notable absence of fresh meat and fish from the UK diet in particular. I wonder why this is… is it inconvenient to purchase something raw? There isn’t a shortage of it in this country and it’s readily available fairly cheaply at the supermarket if convenience and cost are issues. It’s quite astounding the amount of sugar that can be seen on the table in all of the sweets, chocolate, drinks, processed food and bags of sugar. They must be tired people! The American one wins the prize for worst though, majority of it being false food (aka processed crap).

Something else which occurred to me was I wonder how much of it gets thrown out at the end of the week. One of the biggest issues in this country is waste. I recently watched a documentary where a family were throwing away about a third of their weekly shop. Have they never heard of a freezer?!? What’s wrong with people? Then you see what the family from Chad eats in a week, and realise that’s it’s all just pretty messed up.

All we can do is try our best to eat fresh, nutritious food as much as possible; throw away as little as possible, and use what the earth provides us with respectfully and fully 🙂

Sugar is the enemy!


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