Country Life

Ohhhhh it’s been a while! Yes, I’ve sort of been posted missing for a while, but in my defence, I have been moving house. It can be quite time consuming!

The fella and I have moved from a two bedroom shoebox in a fabulous area in the west end of the city, to a great house with a big garden and a stunning view… in the countryside just outside of the city.

I’m looking out right now from the sitting room over the fields, it’s pretty spectacular. I keep having to pinch myself and remember that yes, this is our house, and that is our view. We love it.


Of course, three weeks in and we can see that a house which we thought was in move-in condition actually needs stuff done, and that’s not in the financial plan right now. But hey, we have plenty of time for that, right?

Second only to the view is the kitchen. You can actually fit two people in it at once! Or even four! Now, is it the kitchen of my dreams? No. It’s a bit old and tired, and the range cooker which I thought was going to be wonderful, is even older and very difficult to control heat on. But there’s so much space! And the icing on the cake (or the coconut cream on the paleo pancakes?) is the dishwasher. As the cooks amongst you will know, cooking the majority of things from scratch can generate the most ridiculous amount of dishes to be washed. Sometimes I would do four giant loads of dishes in a day at the weekends. Now, one or two dishwasher loads and they’re done! Sometimes it’s the simple things 🙂

I have to confess that not only have I not been blogging since moving in, I haven’t done much cooking either. The daily diet has well and truly gone awry, and I’m looking forward to getting back on my organised cooking wagon after a holiday in a couple of weeks.

So what have I been doing since I moved in? Well, aside from unpacking and trying to make a home from our old stuff in a new house, I’ve discovered a lady nearby who sells fresh eggs from her free range chickens daily and an award winning butcher in the next village. We’ve also been told of an organic farm close-by which sells half a lamb for £60. A bargain so I’m told. I just hope it’s butchered first!

I’ve also been… at a friend’s lovely wedding…


Seeing the Stone Roses wearing essential silly festival shades…


Ran alongside Mark Beaumont, adventurer and broadcaster, in his latest challenge…


But mostly we’ve drank cider and practised with an old BBQ which was donated to us… YUM!


And tomorrow night I’m going to awards ceremony where Bill Clinton is speaking, then next week I’m off to London.  Phew, it’s non stop! In the best kind of way!

I promise I’ll be back soon after that with some new recipes! Meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy the summer, you do the same 🙂


2 thoughts on “Country Life

  1. Loved the update of your busy life, sounds hectic but sounds like you are enjoying and embracing the new!! Pictures look fab!! Can’t wait for more recipes to try out, yum yum!!
    See you soon, in your new abode!!

  2. Wow busy times indeed – I’m exhausted just reading about it! 🙂 Great to hear your updates. Looking forward to more delicious and nutritious recipes that I can try out again soon … keep ’em coming!

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