It’s all in the preparation

The Paleo lifestyle is one that involves cooking. What? Actual cooking on a cooker?!? Yes. I’m afraid. If you’re someone who is in to convenience food it may not be for you, unless you have a new found love for cooking. Which you really should, because it’s fab! Of course there are some quick and simple dishes which you can turn to, but preparation and organisation are required on some level. This is not a bad thing!

So, knowing what I was heading in to for this Whole 30, I got prepared for the week…

I roasted a whole diced butternut squash on olive oil and salt and pepper – a great quick accompaniment to meals during the week.


I grated a large sweet potato in my fabby new Bosch blender – I looooove sweet potato hash browns with eggs!


I bought in a ton of veg – avocados are my best friend.


I made Paleo Scotch Eggs inspired by Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed Paleo, but with my own adapted recipe – these are yummy for any meal of the day and are particularly nice when they’re hot out of the oven (so I discovered for the first time yesterday!)


I roasted a large gammon joint. I love baked gammon but it’s almost impossible to find a glaze recipe that doesn’t have something sweet in it – so this is my own 🙂 It wasn’t half bad! This is to replace the parma ham we eat so regularly, which is fine for paleo, but technically not Whole 30 compliant. Great in a salad or in a omelette or with just about anything.


I made a salmon and vegetable frittata from leftovers, which how I usually make a frittata. Really handy for lunch boxes with salad and lovely with home made mayo!


I did a pot of chicken, tarragon and vegetable soup. This is one of my go-to faves as it uses up leftover roast chicken and has lots of healthy veg in it, plus it’s pretty tasty! (Recipe for this soup to follow!)



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