BBQ burger

Everyone knows that BBQs make everything taste better, and this is absolutely the case for burgers! However, you can still happily eat this scrummy one after grilling or pan frying. The secret to really good burgers is really good quality meat. Get it from the butcher!

Ingredients (makes 4 quarter pounders):

1lb steak mince

Tbsp flax meal

1 whisked egg

Tbsp grated onion

A few grinds of salt and pepper

How to:

Lay out the mince on a plastic chopping board and sprinkle the flax meal, grated onion and salt and pepper on. Then carefully pour about half of your beaten egg on, careful it doesn’t run off the board! (keep the leftover egg for your next omelette)

Then, you smoosh! Turn the edges of the mince in and mix it all together, very thoroughly, with your hands.

Once you’re happy it’s mixed enough split it in to 4 and roll each section in to a ball, then flatten it to shape your burger. Pop them in the fridge for at least half an hour before cooking – this will help them to meld and stay together during cooking.

Then throw on the barbie and cook to your liking!

IMAGE_5BCF21AE-9600-41BE-887F-B0ACE76C0901 (2)


3 thoughts on “BBQ burger

    • The most common replacement for normal flour is almond flour but I discovered I have a sensitivity to Almonds! I had a little look around and found that flax meal is the most similar to it. So I tried it and it worked 🙂 I use it for baking too.

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