Lamb kofte kebabs

Lamb is my favourite meat. It’s a pity it’s also the most expensive! I hadn’t realised by quite how much until I bought a pound of pork mince and a pound of lamb mince together, and the lamb was twice the price of the pork. Oh well, it’s more of a treat than a regularity then!

These are great for a summer BBQ, which is what we did with them!

Ingredients (makes four large kebabs):

1lb lamb mince

Finely chopped chilli (how much depends on how hot you like it – seeds = hot)

1 tspn cumin

2 tspn paprika

1 tspn ground coriander

1 garlic clove crushed

Salt and pepper

Fresh coriander (optional)

Four long BBQ skewers (metal with pointed end are best)

How to:

Lay out the mince on a plastic chopping board – spread out until flat and thin. Sprinkle all of your ingredients over the top, then smoosh and smoosh through your fingers until you’re happy that it’s all mixed in well.

Split the mixture in to four and begin shaping the first lump in to a long sausage shape by rolling it like a rolling pin.

Then insert the skewer at one end and carefully, evenly thread it all the way through the sausage. You can then shape it a little further until you’re happy that it will stay in place during cooking and that it’s the right size and thickness.

BBQ them for just a couple of minutes each side. When they’re done sprinkle some chopped fresh coriander on top.

IMAGE_0ED10AC9-EE59-485E-AF67-227F5396AD9E (1)

Serve with a fresh salad, grilled peppers and courgettes, and sweet potato salad.

IMAGE_BFC234D2-5C57-46BE-9432-55F207301BF5 (1)

Summer on a plate!


2 thoughts on “Lamb kofte kebabs

  1. NICE! I made lamb patties the other day… wish I had had your recipe or I would have made these instead.
    I LOVE lamb… I think it might have something to do with growing up on a sheep farm. We ate a LOT of lamb….

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