Minted ginger lemonade

Being on a Whole 30, or strictly paleo, means no alcohol. Boooo! So having a refreshing alternative for warm days in the garden is good. This is really zesty and quite tart! But I like it like that 🙂 If it’s too strong you can just add more water or sparkling water.


Juice of 4 lemons with a few scrapes of lemon zest if you like it really lemony

Grated ginger – about a half thumb sized piece

Handful of chopped mint

2/3 kaffir lime leaves (optional)

1/1.5 litres of sparkling water

A few basil leaves torn

You could add a bit of honey and stir it in if you’re not being too strict

How to:

Put it all in a big jug and mix well.


Strain off to remove the little green bits. I used a tea strainer, but a sieve would be fine.


Enjoy over ice 🙂

IMAGE_97CC3F5E-ABAF-4D76-9031-D8B0427A9ED9 (1)


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