Seared Asian tuna steak

Tuna is a real treat for us. Good quality tuna is not easy to come by, and it’s expensive, but we went for it last weekend knowing the wee one likes it too, even in the marinade! Now that’s a result.

Ingredients (serves 2 adults and a little person):

2 good sized tuna steaks (we just chop a bit off for the wee one)

Tbsp sesame oil

Tbsp fish sauce

Tbsp coconut aminos

Grated ginger – about half a thumb (not a real one)

Crushed clove garlic

Squeeze of lime

How to:

Throw all the marinade ingredients in a bowl and mix together. Lay the tuna steaks on a dinner plate and pour the marinade all over the steaks on both sides and leave them to suck in all the flavours for at least half an hour, preferably a couple of hours.

To cook you can either throw them on a hot BBQ (best!) or heat up the griddle pan on the cooker and when it’s really hot add the tuna steaks. Cook for 4 minutes total for a rare tuna steak, and 6-8 minutes minutes if you like it more well done.

Serve with grilled asparagus and courgette noodles or sweet potato salad. Melt in the mouth tuna!!



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