BBQ buffalo steaks with portobello mushrooms

We were out grocery shopping at Fraser’s fruit and veg (local place) and I was keen to try some different vegetables so we picked up some local purple curly kale and samphire! Didn’t even know what it was until I asked (that’s what I love about local shops, they speak to you and know what they sell!). I was told it known as the vegetable of the sea because of it’s saltiness – ideal for my savoury taste buds!

We’d also picked up some thin cut buffalo steaks the week before at Blairgowrie farm shop, first time cooking these too so it was an all round experiment! We ended up with BBQ’d buffalo steaks on a portobello mushroom with caramelised onions, curly kale and samphire, purple sprouting broccoli and creamy avocado sauce. It was a hit! It was also a bit of a race to the finish because all of the components don’t take very long, so you need to be on your toes.

Ingredients (serves 2):

2 large thin cut buffalo steaks (you could use any kind of steak with this recipe of course)


2 large portobello mushrooms

Half an onion chopped

3/4 stems of kale – leaves chopped, stems removed


Small handful of samphire


5/6 stems of purple sprouting broccoli

Tbsp ghee

Olive oil for marinating and frying

Garlic clove crushed

Salt and pepper

Squeeze of fresh lemon juice

Creamy avocado dressing (from the Whole 30)

How to:

Start by rubbing the steaks with olive oil and salt and pepper then leave them to marinate for at least half an hour while you prepare the rest. Turn the BBQ on to heat.

Heat the ghee in a low to medium heated frying pan and add the garlic and chopped onions. You want these to soften slowly, not burn.

Once they’re starting to look more translucent add in your mushrooms gill side down – make sure to move all of the onions to the side and around the mushrooms. I removed the stalks from the mushrooms and chopped them finely then added them to the onions at this point too. The portobellos will need about 8-12 minutes depending on their size. Add some ground black pepper to the pan. Keep stirring the onions and turn the mushrooms over when they look ready (juice will start to appear in the pan as they cook, and they’ll shrink!).


Bring to boil a pot of water and also a large frying pan with an inch or so of water in it.

Nip outside and throw the steaks on the BBQ – if they’re thin they will only need a couple of minutes each side at the most. If you have normal sized steaks cooked them accordingly.

Once the pot of water has boiled drop in the broccoli, it should only take about 5 or 6 minutes. Put the samphire onto a steamer and place on top of the cooking broccoli for 2/3 minutes.

Next step is to do the kale. Throw it in to the pan of boiling water for about 2 minutes. Run outside and turn your steaks. Then quickly drain it in a collander and put a glug of olive oil in to the hot pan, throw the kale back in and add salt and pepper – it’ll spit and sizzle due to being wet and oily, that’s ok. You want it to dry off a little. Just keep turning with some tongs.

Meanwhile your broccoli should be ready. Drain that in to the colander too. I always put mine back in the pot and on to the warm cooker again to get rid of any excess water. No likey watery veggies!

Time to plate up! Mushroom first, with steak on top covered with the soggy onion mix (honestly, it’s yummy!). Purple sprouting broccoli with the avocado dressing on top, and then the kale with a sprinkle samphire on top (the kale gets cold really quickly so keep it warm to the last minute and make sure your plates are warm/hot.

We devoured this concoction!!!



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