Whole 30 days 16-20 with meal plan

Hmmm… It’s still not really going as we’d hoped. Booo ūüė¶ The last time we did this we both reported feeling much more energetic, definitely slimmer and generally just a bit sharper and brighter. Although we’re feeling some benefit it hasn’t reached the heights of the last Whole 30 we did. Maybe that means we’re doing it differently or maybe it means we should be keeping going until we do feel great, which is what it’s advised to do. For us, that won’t work this time (last time we went to 34 days). We have a week’s window for re-introduction, which is the biggest reason why I wanted to do this one, to monitor which foods have a negative effect. Following that we’re on holiday for week, and I know I won’t be able to be fully paleo compliant.

I’m certainly getting out of bed easier in the morning, which is a relief – I’ve never been a morning person! I still feel myself getting that post-lunch tiredness though at work sometimes, which I’d like to get rid of. What else is good is that I can go a lot longer without eating and not feeling hungry. I feel like I know my appetite and portion sizes quite well and can judge how much I need to keep going for a certain number of hours

So it’s not all been in vain. I’ve tried out and loved lots of new recipes, so extended my repertoire! One creation was particularly tasty and used vegetables we haven’t tried before so it was really satisfying that it went well. It was also my first time using buffalo steak – tasty meat! (See day 20). And we have re-introduction to come yet, which is what I’m waiting for…

Here’s what we’ve been chomping down on:

Day 16

Breakfast – Spinach, mushroom and spring onion omelette (made by the fella), avocado, grapes

Lunch – Tuna mayonnaise, salad, avocado, nectarine

Dinner – Chilli (made by the fella to come home to!) with broccoli, carrots and avocado


Day 17

Breakfast –¬†Smoked mackerel frittata, home made mayonnaise, avocado, grapes


Lunch – Grilled salmon fillet with salad, avocado, home made mayo, nectarine, brazil nuts

Dinner – Moroccan meatballs with courgette noodles


Day 18

Breakfast – Boiled egg, baked gammon, avocado, tomato, mayonnaise, apple


Lunch – Griddled mini chicken fillets (I didn’t eat these all at once :)) with salad, avocado, macademias


Dinner – Chilli (again!), courgette noodles

IMAGE_3480E59D-2188-40B0-8D0B-73710707FCB7 (1)

Day 19

Breakfast – Mushroom and spinach omelette, avocado, strawberries and nectarine


Lunch – Pot luck lunch at work! Nightmare!! I took sweet potato salad, and a couple of pieces of chicken for myself

Dinner – BBQ simple grilled chicken, salad, home made mayonnaise (this continues to be one of my favourite simple suppers! And even better on the BBQ)

Day 20

Breakfast – 3 egg omelette with spring onion, mushrooms and red peppers, avocado, nectarine

Lunch – BBQ burger, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, creamy avocado dressing (from Whole 30 – It Starts with Food)

Dinner – BBQ buffalo steaks with portobello mushrooms, curly kale and samphire, purple sprouting broccoli with creamy avocado dressing

Have got more experimental things in mind for this week, so watch this space!


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