Whole 30 – Reintroduction

I mentioned in a previous blog post that I probably wasn’t being entirely honest about my reasons for this last Whole 30, and while I can admit it was mainly weight loss, reintroducing food types  to monitor their effect played a big part in my reasoning too.

The week following completion we each tried the foods we wanted to reintroduce, just to get a clearer sense of what works for us as individuals and what doesn’t. Here’s how we fared:

Dairy – the first thing I tried was dairy, in the form of some cream in my coffee and a cappuccino.  It went ok, a slight grumble in the tum maybe but nothing too troublesome.

Wine – top of my love list! I already knew that wine played a big part in the silent reflux symptoms. I discovered that white wine is worse than red, and sparkling is even worse for the burning throat and ulcers I can get. It also really affects my hydration (uhm, obviously!). But as someone who is very sensitive to dehydration and can get a lot of headaches as a result, this is important to understand.

Rice – the fella really wanted to try rice and found he had no reaction to it. He misses pasta, and rice, so is going to have the occasional organic gluten free pasta made from brown rice (tis yummy and tastes no different to normal spaghetti!) in his every day diet.

Chocolate – the fella also tried some 80% cocoa chocolate, and did not react well to it! I’m sure this won’t mean he never eats chocolate again 🙂 But at least now he has this information to make an informed choice.

Gluten – I wasn’t so interested in trying to reintroduce bread or pasta, as I know it’s a trigger food for me, and honestly I don’t really miss it. But the fella also tried it and could tell it wasn’t doing him much good, although he didn’t feel terribly ill.

We went straight from this week on holiday, which makes it really hard to stick to paleo for two reasons:

  • one, because you’re on holiday and want to eat and enjoy all the things you love
  • and two, because you have no idea what you’re eating in restaurants and coffee shops anyway so you might as well give up!

So while we were away we pretty much ate ‘normal'(whatever that is), making baking of some part of the daily regime for a few days.  A blog devoted to scones , including this giant one, will follow soon!


We spent a couple of days in and around Moffat – a lovely, bustling wee town in the Scottish Borders. I can imagine the sort of looks I’d have gotten if I’d asked for as much as gluten free. We did stumble across a fabulous little pub, restaurant and B&B called, thanks to Tripadvisor, called The Hightae Inn. Another blog devoted to this lovely place is also a must!

I’m now happy to be home and cooking up some creations in the kitchen. Tonight’s pork and chorizo burgers were a huge hit, and last weekend’s banana and blueberry bread was fabby so we’ll be making some more of that. Recipes to follow for all!


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