The baking bug

I’ve never been someone who bakes. I’ve never been all that tempted by baked goods (this is maturing with age though :)), and something about the preciseness of it doesn’t appeal to me (I like to just throw things in a pot).

This has changed.

Far from slaying my sugar dragon, I have created one in the last year or two.  He’s not quite a fully grown dragon yet but he can certainly breathe some fire at times. This is not something I had hoped for. But I now seem to be drawn in and intrigued to bake. I’m not very good, so far, but I’m learning. It is an art which is made more challenging by paleo restrictions (in a good way) and harder still because I can’t eat almond flour (a great substitute for normal flours used in baking). Poor me?!?!

All of that aside, one of my favourite things ever is a real scone with jam and clotted cream. I think I’ve maybe only once had the perfect scone, with the right clotted cream, and the best raspberry jam. It’s one of life’s true indulgences.



Jack and Rachel’s Tea Room in Moffat was the scene of the ‘world’s giant scone‘ incident. I looked at the girl in a state of shock when she set it down in front of me, and said ‘are you serious?’. It ended up being lunch, and I still didn’t make my way through the whole thing. The fella helped me out 🙂 Their clotted cream was lovely, but the jam was strawberry and I don’t think it was home made. Still, it was an above average scone, with the scone itself being just the right texture of crumbly and a little bit moist.

This is not something I’ve ever tried to bake myself, but I see an attempt to create a paleo scone at some point in my future. I have tried a couple of banana loaves which were ok, still more practise needed though!

Also during said trip to Moffat, we were browsing around the wee shops in the town trying to walk off the giant scone, and this book in a shop window just cracked me up. What a brilliant urine-extracting Scottish take on the old classic 🙂



Anyway, I’ll continue to experiment in the baking department and will hopefully have something to share soon. Meantime, I’ll have these little bad-boy treats which require no baking at all! Choco-nut bites helloooooooo!


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