Friendship and food

There’s no hiding the fact that I love food. Why would I hide it?? Everything about it from deciding what to make, to sourcing ingredients, preparing and cooking… followed by the all important and best part – savouring! What makes it really meaningful though, when it’s at it’s best, is when it’s shared. For a long time before you and I arrived, humans have shared food and chewed the fat over life – literally.

I’ve always been someone who cared too much about what other people think, with my house, how clean it was, that everything was tidy, particularly when guests were coming – even if it was close friends and family. All about appearances. I’ve loosened up a bit on this now. Instead of stressing myself out with making sure everything is near perfect for guests coming round, I’ve relaxed a bit. I’m never going to be someone who doesn’t notice mess, or is perfectly happy to live in it constantly. But I’ve learnt to care less about every little thing being perfect, which can feel quite freeing and generally means you enjoy things more.

The same has happened with cooking. The more relaxed I get the easier it becomes. And if something doesn’t turn out right it’s ok, as long as I didn’t poison anyone! I don’t pretend to be a perfect cook, I know I’m not. What I do is enjoy being in the kitchen, with friends and family, preparing and sharing stories. And sometimes a takeaway is good enough! With wine of course. As long as we’re sharing, enjoying and laughing.

Food, life, friends and family… are about enjoyment, not perfection. So eat, drink and make merry!



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