Winter warmth paleo and non-paleo!

There are lots of ways to get some winter warmth. Cosy houses, thick duvets, hats, gloves and scarves, cuddles, and of course… mulled wine. I use Jamie Oliver’s recipe and it never fails. I replace the sugar with honey, so if it weren’t for the wine, it would be paleo! Oh well, sometimes winter calls for extreme measures 🙂 The mulled wine often must be accompanied by warmed mince pies with cream – WARNING! THIS IS DEFINITELY NOT PALEO!!

Something else that apparently comes with winter, and living in the country, is power cuts. I experienced the first recently, and expect more before the winter is out. Must put a torch somewhere I can find it in the dark! I had a panic (perhaps a bit dramatic?) about all the food in the freezer, and knowing the power would be off for at least the whole morning I swiftly farmed out the contents to parents’ respective cold storage facilities. By the end of the day, power had been restored, and the freezer was re-stocked. I can perhaps take it a bit more in my stride next time, knowing that the parentals are always there as back-up if needed.

One of my favourite winter warmers is a big bowl of curry. Now, you already know that I’m a lamb gal, that is I love lamb dishes. I did however still have a mountain of leftover Christmas turkey to use up, so I used that as my meat and made a sort of madras with a few modifications of my own (because I can’t leave anything alone!). Check out this turkey curry recipe I tried… and now have tons of portions of left in the freezer! Let the post-festive season health kick begin 🙂


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