A post that isn’t about food or eating

I really like travelling. I don’t adore it or crave it in the way I used to as a younger, single gal. That’s definitely something to do with my love for my home and all that’s in it (except maybe for the old curtains in the dining room, but we’ll get rid of them at some point!).

Something that hasn’t changed about when I travel though, is how whimsical it feels, particularly when I’m alone. It’s when I’m at my most reflective and dreamy. I can even pinpoint when it happens – usually around half-way, if I’m doing a two or three leg journey, it can be in an airport or on that second flight, after I’ve gotten through the tasks I set myself on the first one.

Watching the world go by, so many people from who-knows-where, who all have a story and their own joys and trials. The window seat has a part to play too. It’s my favourite. I love staring out the window in to the vastness of the sky, and occasionally seeing another plane zip by, marvelling at the technological and engineering feat of flight.

I’ve been wondering why I get like this when I travel. It’s partly the expansive nature of it, probably something to do with feeling comfortingly insignificant in the grand scheme of the world, anonymous. But on this trip it came to me – it’s mainly because I am completely free. Free from the constraints I create for myself at home or in every day life – must do the dishes, must make tomorrow’s lunch, must iron work clothes, must get to bed early for an early start, must take a quick shower, must write the shopping list, MUST sit down and read a magazine at some point! Yes I even force myself to do this from time to time 🙂

It isn’t like being on holiday, where you probably know what you’re going to be doing that day. It’s a complete blankness, a headspace, that only comes from being on a plane alone. No expectations, no responsibilities (I never sit in an exit row). Just anonymity and freedom to dream until… Time’s up!

Ok, must now get on a think about next’s years marketing budget!! 😉


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