66 days…

Some research in recent years suggests that it takes 66 days to break a habit. So, to try and break my habit of coming home and pouring a glass of wine most evenings, I recently embarked on 66 days of alcohol abstinence.

To some this won’t sound like a big deal, but I’m not sure when the last time was that I had no alcohol for almost 10 weeks. I don’t remember periods of abstinence when I was a teenager or in my early twenties, I never had to count it. But I think I could safely say that in the last 12-15 years I haven’t gone 66 days booze free!

So here I am 10 days in. So far it’s fine and I’ve barely thought about it, which is how it should be when you’ve only gone 10 days without drinking. But over the holidays I got in to really bad habits, so this feels really positive. I have to clarify though… I’m not talking about a bottle of wine every night, it’s a glass or two, but a glass, with the odd half bottle thrown in, isn’t great.

Another reason for doing this is I want to get back to a place where I can have fun at a social event without feeling like I want a drink. So, I’m not avoiding any invitations and will be smiling and cheery as I sip my glass of tap water!

Alongside the abstinence is a period of real healthiness. With the wine over Christmas time came all of the other great treats (as mentioned in previous posts!) which I didn’t hold back on. You shouldn’t!! It’s Christmas!! That was followed by a week long business trip to the US which always gets me in the food stakes (pun intended). I can’t resist all of the things I love to have when I’m in Austin. But now is the time to focus on health…

I’ve started with a 15 day reboot, which I’m 10 days in to. So far, so good. The inspiration came from Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, which I watched late last year and had already started to incorporate juices in to my diet just for the sheer level of nutrients it can give you. This particular reboot has 5 days of eating and juicing, and consists purely of veggie and fruit meals, then it’s on to 10 days of just juicing. I like that this lot somehow gets in to my body over just 5 days!


I feel pretty good, but am starting to miss real food, particularly hot food. Some have said it’s ok to have vegetable broth particularly as it’s winter, but being the slightly a-retentive that I am I have to follow it to the letter! Surprisingly it hasn’t diminished my ability to exercise, not that I’ve been doing much, but some intense yoga classes and a few easy runs have been do-able.

I also watched Hungry for Change last week. Twice! I found it so compelling the first time I made The Fella watch it too last night, and he was obviously fairly affected by it because the first thing he did when it was finished was go and prepare a juice to take to work the next day! And it was past his bedtime! It’s just one of the movies… I thought, every single person I know needs to watch this. How do I spread the word?? Well, I guess I have to start with myself, which feels good.

Following this juice reboot I’ll be re-introducing paleo with some new twists and turns, things I want to try to mix it up a bit. And of course, there will be no booze… at least not for the next 56 days 🙂


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