15 days done

So I made it to the end of the 15 day reboot. Hurrah! Thanks rebootwithjoe and thank you to the Facebook group where there’s a great community of people all in it to try and improve their health.

I definitely have more energy, and according to the scales I lost around 10lbs which also feels pretty good. I’ve had nowhere near the kind of headaches I’m used to when I’ve not been eating so well. A couple of mild ones is all which quickly passed.

The downside has been my internal workings! I’ve never had great ‘workings’ and that’s been exacerbated during the reboot. I missed chewing, oddly enough. And I missed  cooking, and sitting down to dinner with The Fella. But all things considered it’s been fairly successful I think! I also watched Hungry for Change last weekend… twice! After seeing it by myself I then watched it again with The Fella. I found it so compelling and interesting – a real education in what our bodies actually need as opposed to what we give them. The first thing The Fella did after seeing it was make a juice 🙂

I will continue to make juice a part of my daily diet. There’s no denying that that level of nutrients going in each day worth the effort. I added some soup back in already and was muchos excited about my first proper meal! Went out today to fill my kitchen with local, fresh food. Fraser’s is always good for getting the fruit and veg, then it was off to Spink’s for fresh local fish and finally to Pirie’s for the meaty stuff!

Check out what I had for my first solid meal in 15 days… 🙂


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