Is 50 days enough?

A couple of months back I wrote a blog post about giving up alcohol for 66 days, after reading some articles claiming that this is how long it takes to break a habit, and I wanted to break the bad habit I’d gotten in to of pouring a glass of wine at the end of a tough, long day.

To begin with, I found it easier than I’d anticipated. The first month flew by, and combined with a 15 juice programme, followed by some very clean eating, I felt fantastic. Probably the sharpest and brightest I’ve ever felt. But as the weeks continued I began to notice that I felt like I was having less fun, panicking slightly that this meant that I associate fun with drinking too much. There’s a certain amount of truth to that, so it’s something I’ve been pondering for some weeks and considering how to expand our perception of what fun is (don’t panic too much – drinking is not the only fun thing we do).

I also began to hanker after a glass of wine once or twice, but it wasn’t until a spontaneous and brief overnight away with the fella came along at the last minute, that I decided it was ok to have a couple of red wines. I’m glad I did. We sat in a hotel bar talking and laughing and enjoying each other’s company over a drink. Perfect 🙂

So I made it to 50 days, which I’m happy with, and in answer to that question, yes, I think it was enough. In the short term at least. I feel more able to quickly talk myself out of reaching for the wine glass on a school night. Knowing that I probably won’t feel great the next day, or that I may wake up with a dry patch on my face, can be good convincers.

Paying such close attention to what I put in my body has made me hyper-aware of how I react to things, in many different ways. It’s a fascinating, and sometimes disappointing process – even though I’ve really always known on some level what’s bad for me, it’s less easy to ignore it when it’s staring you in the face (or burning the back of your throat).

I love how much I’m learning. Let the journey continue!


One thought on “Is 50 days enough?

  1. know that when quitting alcohol, it is about sugar and simple carbs to the body on a certain level, so when you crave alcohol, but you don’t want it fruit, salad, rice or pasta can satisfy. there is a Tremendous amount of sugar that goes into creating alcohol, plus it is dehydrating also. Best of things 2U on Your Journey of life and learning. 🙂

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