A new venture

Oh no. I’ve become one of those dump and fly bloggers, who disappears for months on end. No likey! In my defence though, I have been a bit busy…

Something new and exciting is emerging. I’ve become a lover of farmers markets over the last year or so. I love having a good nose around at what looks tasty or new, and the thought of having really fresh, good quality produce to work with. I love the creativity on display at some of the stalls, and how these hard-working people present their wares so proudly. I’ve also developed a desire to do something with this new love, and with my long, love-filled relationship with cooking. What a great combo! So in August, I’ll be at my first farmers market, alongside a community of people who love many of the same things as I do.

There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye! All sorts of professional things are required, like having an established business, registering with local councils, hygiene regulations, supplier sourcing and so much more. But with a good dollop of excitement, a dash of nervousness and a cup full of hard work, I’ll proudly present Cherry’s Deli to the world! Well ok, maybe not the world, Forfar will do as a first step 🙂 I mean, people might not actually like what I make! A less-than-ideal outcome to consider, so I won’t.

It is just a wee sideline at this stage. I still have my job, which is now not quite full time, since they very graciously allowed me to cut and condense my hours. I’m lucky to work somewhere that encourages people to develop their passions and bring their work and home life closer together.

So if you find me still a bit low on new posts in the next couple of months, it’ll be because I’m spending my time making the same things over and over again to try and perfect them for real life customers, who can take them home and enjoy them as much as I do. And if you want to check out my new venture visit my Facebook page where I’ll be sharing my musings and recipes for all things paleo, clean, real, tasty food.



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