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Creative cooking with winter veg

We may be seeing signs of Spring, outdoors and in stores, but the majority of seasonal farm shop veg is still rooted (ha, see what I did there??) in winter. It’s so easy to get stuck in the same old, same old supermarket sweep of veg which we generally boil, or sometimes roast, if we’re … Continue reading

Maintaining yourself

How well do you look after your car? Well, the law in the UK at least, states that you must obtain an annual MOT certificate, to prove your car is road-worthy. You’ll also get regular services, every 6-12 months. On top of that, it’s likely that you get it looked at whenever you hear an … Continue reading

Our first paleo pop up restaurant!

A few weeks ago I held what I believe was Scotland’s first paleo pop up! It was definitely Dundee’s first. I wanted to share my experience in planning and preparing for the event, and how it went on the night 🙂 I’ve thought for a long while that a pop up would be a great … Continue reading

Gluten free doesn’t equal healthy

It’s everywhere now. Gluten free everything, from crackers to sausages to Easter eggs. It feels like everyone is jumping on the gluten free wagon. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy… It’s accepted in paleo circles that gluten is one of the evils of the modern day diet. It has been found to play a role … Continue reading

Why eat paleo?

One of the things I’m often asked about eating paleo is, why? To an observer (and to me before I started!) it can seem restrictive and severe. In truth, over time, it becomes second nature. Yes it takes some adjustment and a shift in your thinking. It took me about a year to fully get … Continue reading

A new venture

Oh no. I’ve become one of those dump and fly bloggers, who disappears for months on end. No likey! In my defence though, I have been a bit busy… Something new and exciting is emerging. I’ve become a lover of farmers markets over the last year or so. I love having a good nose around … Continue reading

Today I ate cake

Yes. I confess. It happened. Cake-gate. Not even gluten free or dairy free. Just a big slab of good old fashioned carrot cake. This doesn’t happen often, and I’m usually comfortable enough to let this once-in-a-while event happen without too much guilt. After all, tomorrow is another day. I was reflecting on the cake-gate incident … Continue reading

Portuguese delights!

We got back a few days ago from a week in Portugal. Our first family holiday abroad together, and it was just lovely. It’ll come as no surprise to you that food featured strongly during our week away, but it might come as a surprise that we chose to go ‘all inclusive’ – having three … Continue reading