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Chorizo egg muffins

It really is about time I shared a new recipe!! These are super simple and quick to make and they make great breakfast, lunch or snacks on the go. Can be eaten cold or reheated, and just about any flavour combination you fancy could work. Here’s what I went with after picking up some beautiful … Continue reading

Sweet potato and bacon fritters

Bit of an unplanned brunch this morning. Looked in the fridge, picked out what was there, and this happened!! These are simple, yummy and the perfect thing for a weekend treat which will keep you full for a while 🙂 Ingredients (makes 2): 1 cup grated sweet potato 1 shallot – finely chopped 2 slices … Continue reading

Breakfast sausage patties

Ahhh Sunday breakfast, one of life’s simply great things. This is essentially a pork burger, but it’s a nice paleo replacement for sausages. Ingredients (makes 4 small patties): 1/2lb pork mince 1/2 tspn dried sage 1/2 tspn dried chives Salt and pepper How to: Smoosh it all together, split it in to 4 and roll … Continue reading

Smoked mackerel and red pepper frittata

We eat frittatas a lot! They are a great way to use up leftovers, particularly veg which is about to keel over, and the result is an easy-to-grab breakfast or lunch… or dinner if you fancy! Ingredients: 6 free range eggs 2 small fillets of smoked mackerel (very cheap and very tasty!) Diced red pepper … Continue reading

Breakfast hash

This is basically just a load of leftovers thrown together in a pan with a couple of eggs. You can do this with virtually any combination you fancy, and it’s a great way of using up leftover stuff so you don’t waste anything. Ingredients for this particular hash (serves 2): Leftover roasted peppers and courgettes … Continue reading

Baked Gammon Joint

I love baked ham, or gammon. It reminds me of Christmas, something I always make and have available if needed in between feasts or to feature in one of them! They generally have a sweet element to the glaze though, rendering them non-compliant on paleo or Whole 30. I wanted to make one that was … Continue reading

Olive oil mayonnaise

When I started down the paleo route it was with a Whole 30, and my Austinite buddy in the know put me on to a fantastic cookbook called Well Fed. It’s a great starter guide for someone new to paleo and has some fantastic recipes. My most commonly used one is home made olive oil … Continue reading

Sweet potato hash browns and eggs

This Super Sunday breakfast is another weekend fave! So simple and a great energy fuelled start to the day. I often get up and have this a few hours before a long run. Not today though! The run has eluded me as yet 🙂 Start by grating your sweet potato in the food processor. If … Continue reading

Paleo pancakes

This is our go-to treat weekend breakfast. Slightly adapted from The Paleo Mom… Whether these are Whole 30 approved or not is really up to you. The official line is that they aren’t, but for me pancakes aren’t something I crave and I don’t have a problem with stopping eating them, so I chose to … Continue reading