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Sweet potato stovies (beef hash)

Stovies are a wonderfully comforting and traditionally inexpensive staple of the Scottish diet. Something that always feels great on a chilly evening. But I like them all year round 🙂 These are a decent paleo substitute. I’m not going to pretend they’re a direct replacement, but they’re another decent week-night dinner that the fella can … Continue reading

BBQ ribeye steak

We love a good steak! Ribeye is our fave, because the fat marbling through it just makes it so juicy and flavourful. Really good quality meat is always going to taste better, ask the butcher. All I did to these was rub them with olive oil and freshly ground salt and pepper, and leave them … Continue reading

Breakfast hash

This is basically just a load of leftovers thrown together in a pan with a couple of eggs. You can do this with virtually any combination you fancy, and it’s a great way of using up leftover stuff so you don’t waste anything. Ingredients for this particular hash (serves 2): Leftover roasted peppers and courgettes … Continue reading

BBQ burger

Everyone knows that BBQs make everything taste better, and this is absolutely the case for burgers! However, you can still happily eat this scrummy one after grilling or pan frying. The secret to really good burgers is really good quality meat. Get it from the butcher! Ingredients (makes 4 quarter pounders): 1lb steak mince Tbsp … Continue reading

Beef Chilli

Another recipe I make a lot and freeze in portions for a quick microwave meal during the week. Greats for the fella’s shifts! (photos to follow :)) Ingredients (serves 4-6): 1lb steak mince Large onion (diced) 5/6 good sized mushrooms (chopped) Half a green pepper (diced) 1 red or green chilli – seeds added or … Continue reading

Beef Bolognese (or meat sauce)

This is one of the recipes I make this a lot and freeze it in portions for a quick microwave meal during the week. As the fella works shifts and on alternate weeks eats his dinner at work, it’s really handy for him. Simples! (photos to follow :)) Ingredients (serves 4-6): 1lb steak mince Large … Continue reading