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Maintaining yourself

How well do you look after your car? Well, the law in the UK at least, states that you must obtain an annual MOT certificate, to prove your car is road-worthy. You’ll also get regular services, every 6-12 months. On top of that, it’s likely that you get it looked at whenever you hear an … Continue reading

My fascination with food and weight shows

Hi. My name is Shona, and I’m a food-show-aholic. And not just programs about food, ones about weight, and other peoples’ obsession with their weight too. I’m not sure what it is about them that I find so fascinating. One thing I do know about food shows is obvious, given that I’m so passionate about … Continue reading

Where to begin…

Where to begin… Well, I just love food. I’ve struggled with weight (or should that be eating?) for many years. Now, those that know me will think that sounds ridiculous, because I’m not overweight – or at least, not right now. But I am a classic yo-yo dieter who is obsessed with food and weight … Continue reading