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Turkey chilli

This dish uses up a ton of leftover Christmas turkey, and is so packed full of veggies it’s a real post-holiday winner. I’ve adapted this from Jamie Oliver, using some added veggies and a couple of changed ingredients. It would have been paleo and Whole 30 had it not been for my addition of 1 … Continue reading

Duck and mushroom ‘pasta’

Soooo what to do with leftover duck? Give it to the fella and let him decide! He came up with a bit of a cracker! This was our first try at butternut squash noodles, which were dead tasty, but they didn’t go terribly well with the duck. So I’d serve this with courgette noodles next … Continue reading

Tomato and chilli chicken with sweet potato wedges

This was a quick throw-whatever-is-available together dinner, and it turned out to be pretty tasty! Made with leftover roast chicken it was an inexpensive mid-week treat. Ingredients: 1 large sweet potato Chopped roast chicken (about the same amount as 2 chicken breasts chopped) 2 small (1 medium/large) red onions chopped 1 carton of passata Chilli … Continue reading

Breakfast hash

This is basically just a load of leftovers thrown together in a pan with a couple of eggs. You can do this with virtually any combination you fancy, and it’s a great way of using up leftover stuff so you don’t waste anything. Ingredients for this particular hash (serves 2): Leftover roasted peppers and courgettes … Continue reading

Lettuce wrap fajitas

These are a great week-night treat made from leftover roast chicken. You can also make them with shredded beef, prawns, or any other meat you fancy really. It’s nice to have something that fits within the paleo parameters but doesn’t feel like you’re missing out on anything. I honestly don’t miss the flour wraps at … Continue reading