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Chorizo egg muffins

It really is about time I shared a new recipe!! These are super simple and quick to make and they make great breakfast, lunch or snacks on the go. Can be eaten cold or reheated, and just about any flavour combination you fancy could work. Here’s what I went with after picking up some beautiful … Continue reading

Breakfast sausage patties

Ahhh Sunday breakfast, one of life’s simply great things. This is essentially a pork burger, but it’s a nice paleo replacement for sausages. Ingredients (makes 4 small patties): 1/2lb pork mince 1/2 tspn dried sage 1/2 tspn dried chives Salt and pepper How to: Smoosh it all together, split it in to 4 and roll … Continue reading

Butternut squash lasagne

This recipe is adapted from one at http://www.health-bent.com/beef/paleo-butternut-squash-lasagna sent by my good Scottish Texan friend Flash Kennedy 🙂 Lasagne is one of my favourite things, which I’ve made eaten once in the past year due to paleo. I’m not going to pretend that this is a replacement for it, but it is a pretty close second. And … Continue reading