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Chicken, sweet potato and tarragon soup

It’s still soup season! A reason to love winter… sort of. I absolutely love this soup. It’s like a hug in a bowl, and dead easy, like most soups really. Add these items to your shopping list and cook up a lovely batch for your lunches! I was unable to freeze this because I used … Continue reading

Waiting for Spring…

Spring is taking its time in our neck of the woods. Wayyyyy too long if you ask me. The daffodils, which usually start to flower in February, still haven’t quite popped through yet, and they’re my favourite sign of Spring. I did see some almost there today, but not quite, so that means I’ve still … Continue reading

Ham and mushroom soup

This soup is really easy and very tasty! You can use whatever variety of mushrooms you want. I usually use white and chestnut for the bulk as they’re the cheapest, and add a more exotic variety for a bit of different flavour and depth. For this one I used forrester mushrooms but shitake, porcini, portobello, … Continue reading