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Thyme roasted root vegetables

This is probably the most common way for us to eat winter (and summer) veg. I tend to make a big batch of it whenever I cook it, and use the leftovers added to salads each day for a bit of different texture and flavour, or just as another dinner side the following nights. If … Continue reading

Spiced cauliflower rice

Cauliflower rice is something else that’s become a regular feature in our house. Sometimes just plain with a curry, or just a sprinkling of coriander. Other times with a bit more pzazz, often with meat or fish added to make a meal in a bowl. This version can be used as a side to a … Continue reading

Root vegetable mash

Since discovering a nightshade sensitivity, I’ve used this a lot as a tattie mash replacement. It’s sweeter, more filling and more nutritious, but goes with all the same things. Try it with my roast chicken. Very simple to make and it freezes well in batches, plus it lasts in the fridge for a good few … Continue reading

Sweet potato and bacon fritters

Bit of an unplanned brunch this morning. Looked in the fridge, picked out what was there, and this happened!! These are simple, yummy and the perfect thing for a weekend treat which will keep you full for a while 🙂 Ingredients (makes 2): 1 cup grated sweet potato 1 shallot – finely chopped 2 slices … Continue reading

Asian pork stir fry

I often turn to stir fries when I feel I’m in need of a garlic and ginger filled immune boost. They’re quick and simple, and you get the added bonus of a ton of veggies in there too. Plus, it uses up any that you’ve got left over or lying around. This was one of … Continue reading

Chicken, sweet potato and tarragon soup

It’s still soup season! A reason to love winter… sort of. I absolutely love this soup. It’s like a hug in a bowl, and dead easy, like most soups really. Add these items to your shopping list and cook up a lovely batch for your lunches! I was unable to freeze this because I used … Continue reading